Couples Therapy

I studied as a systemic Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego, California; home of Carl Rogers and the birthplace of modern counselling. Having been trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) in the USA, I am one of very few counsellors in the UK who can offer specialised EFT couples counselling. EFT is an empirically supported humanistic treatment that arose out of emotion theory and attachment theory. It views emotions as centrally important in the experience of self, in both adaptive and maladaptive functioning, and in therapeutic change. Clients undergoing EFT are helped to better identify, experience, explore, make sense of, transform and flexibly manage their emotional experiences. From the EFT perspective change occurs by means of awareness, regulation, reflection, and transformation of emotion taking place within the context of an empathetically attuned relationship.

I have used this scientifically-supported approach myself with many couples and consistently find it to be incredibly powerful and successful at both fixing broken bonds and forging new ones. I work to identify and work through cycles of negative interaction to help bring relationships to a more secure, more attached, and less conflictual place.

Current research shows that ninety percent of couples who complete Emotionally Focused Therapy experience significant improvement in their relationships, in both the short and long term, and almost three-fourths can be classified as “recovered” by the end of treatment, having made gains so significant they no longer qualify as distressed. EFT has also been shown to work well with couples who have low incomes, couples with little formal education, and couples where the husband is rated by the wife as “inexpressive”– three groups that do not do well in other forms of couples therapy. Perhaps most importantly, EFT appears to create lasting change. Unlike in other forms of couples therapy, where the positive effects begin to drop off almost immediately at the end of treatment, couples who complete a course of EFT maintain their gains – and even continue to improve on them – over the next 24 months, without any additional treatment. As such, EFT is a great investment: although counselling may be expensive, it is certainly a lot cheaper than divorce!

I am always excited to work with couples and families, across a wide range of issues. These can include premarital therapy, sex therapy, marital problems, or even conflict mediation after a separation. Whatever your needs are, I look forward to working with you.

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